Business Valuations, Forensic Accounting & Due Dilligence

Among all of the professional services that Connect Audit and Connect International Capital provides we also offer Business Valuations, Due Diligence and Forensic Accounting services.

Business Valuations Valuations of • Businesses • Intangible Assets and [Tangible Assets] • Other equity such as Unit holdings or Partnerships • Shares • SMSFs

For the purpose of • Asset Register Reconciliations • Business Restructuring • Expert Witness Valuations • Financial Reporting and Accounting Valuations (Fair value) • [Insurance Valuations] • Litigation and Dispute Resolution Valuations including family disputes, economic loss assessments and intellectual property disputes • Loss of earnings assessments for personal injury • SMSF Valuations • Stock Valuations • Succession Planning • Taxation and Stamp Duty Valuations • Valuations for Business Transaction

To facilitate your Business Valuation, our services will: • Provide independent professional advice to boards, shareholders and managements on whether the transactions, takeovers, schemes of arrangement, compulsory acquisitions, acquisitions or disposal or substantial asset are fair and reasonable • Suggest the fair price to pay or accept for an asset or business offers • Calculate the value of equity to be issued to new/existing stakeholders • Value private equity and unlisted investments for transaction, financial reporting and pricing purposes • Undertake valuations for tax purposes • Provide valuations of accounting and reporting purposes (fair value) • Assess the fair value of employee options • Provide valuations to assist in resolving family and commercial dispute

Due Diligence

Our Due Diligence service can assist you with identifying and managing transaction risks and can help put you in a position to make well-informed decisions. Upon understanding the motives behind the business decision, we will tailor an effective due diligence procedure that best suits your needs and present to you with a detailed, comprehensive and easy to read report.

Our due diligence service includes but are not limited to; the review and verification of historical financial information, review of taxation affairs, research and analysis of trends, review of forecast financial information, review of financial process, review of commercial factors, review of information systems and internal processes and opinions on audited and other accounts.

Forensic Accounting

Our Forensic Accounting service will provide you with dispute advice, quantification of loss, analysis and reconstruction of accounting records and, if required, expert witness testimony. In order to do so, we will use our professional accounting, auditing, investigative skills to interpret complex financial information. Forensic Accounting service may be required for; fraud, bribery, improper conduct, suspected corporate espionage and even when there are missing files.

We will utilise key avenues of investigative inquiry, legal and ethical avenues of investigation and liaise with law enforcement where required. Upon thorough investigation and analysis, we will provide you with a factual findings report including recommendations and advice on recovery avenues and internal control remedial actions.

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By Lisa Taylor on 11 Apr 2020