Connect International Capital

Connect International Capital

Connect International Capital (CIC) is a boutique financial services and advisory company. Our mission is to bring together investors and Australian companies. We achieve this by:

Advising/assisting investors

Sourcing and preparing quality transactions/deals

We have a particular specialisation in assisting international investors who want to participate in the Australian capital and debt markets.

CIC holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL), authorising it to provide financial product advice on, and deal in interests in managed investment schemes, securities and basic deposit products, to wholesale investors. We also have an Australian Credit Licence (ACL) which allows us to assist with mortgage and debts funds.

When would you use CIC?

Some of the situations when you may wish to use our services

Property or Investment Fund

Your company is wishing to raise funds from wholesale investors and requires an Australian Financial Services Licence to be able to issue securities to prospective investors

Managed Investment Scheme

You are establishing a project as an unregistered managed investment scheme and have chosen not to allocate internal resources to obtaining and operating your own financial services licence

Capital raising

You are providing legal or financial advice to a client who is seeking to raise funds in one of the circumstances listed above, and are looking for a fund raising service which will complement your own professional service offering.


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